Suited and Booted

Lipstick cherry all over the lens

Wider, baby, smiling, you’ve just made a million.

(It’s the Tin Tin Out remix, naturally, my sartorial darlings. YouTube-y-ness at the end of the post, so you can chairdance alongside me.)

The things that a song will inspire, eh?

Ostensibly, this all began with a hunt for— No wait, this needs a humorous movie-like title: The Hunt for Red Octob… Lipstick. Because, well, this song, and the fact that the Lelutka Andrea Bento mesh head takes so beautifully  to lipstick. And boy did I find a lippy that I loved (among the… several that I now own) by Used Abused. And after that there was nothing left to do but glam it the hell up, right?

This suit by Meva is out at the current Men Only Monthly round, and it’s for Signature only. However, if you don’t wear the midriff straps, it will fit on the Slink body (and probably the Jake body, too). I went through a few applier tops until I found a combination from Sn@tch (one fishnet selection, plus the straps-only section of a bustier applier that I—you guessed it—bought only  for that straps section).

The bracers are old ones by Titzuki. No longer available, I snapped them up during the closeout sale before Titzuki rebranded as FAKEIKON. I love how the arm straps mirror the straps on the body. And then, if we pull out to the whole outfit, we can see something that I didn’t even realise I’d done until I was looking at the uploads on Flickr:

Fishnet matchy-matchy! Topped and tailed with the stuff, thanks to these boots (possibly no longer available) that I picked up a few years ago from Wicca’s Wardrobe. Yes, they’re female boots. Has that ever stopped me before? Nope. And even the pattern on those amazing Gaga-glam shades from Since 1975 looks kinda fishnet-ish. So I guess I achieved unconscious cohesiveness today. Gotta love the rare occasions when that happens.

Hair by Drot, from a beanie/hair package that (thankfully) also included the hair only, since I’m picky about beanies. Not many of them suit Skell.


Suit: Meva – Tadeo (Sig, but I got it to work on Slink)
Boots: Wicca’s Wardrobe: Cleora Boots (fishnet)
Bracers: Titzuki – Pitboy Bracers* (black steel)
Top applier #1: Sn@tch – The Fishnet Collection 2016 (Omega)
Top applier #2: Sn@tch – Cage Strappy Top (Omega; strap section only)
Glasses: Since 1975 – Glamblind Glasses (silver)
Lipstick applier: Used Abused – Lelutka Lips Red
Hair: Drot – XCamo Slouch/beanie Hair (hair only)
Skin applier: Tableau Vivant – Mort Vivant (Lelutka)
Ears: L’Etre – Olympe Mesh Ears
Head: Lelutka – Andrea (Bento)
Body: Slink – Physique Male

*no longer available

Go forth and dance, bitches!

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