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Finally… maybe… perhaps

At the end of my last post, my sartorial darlings, I had the following to bitch say about mesh heads:

I knew that Bento would probably be the only way you’d get Skell in a mesh head, full-time. However, I was still keeping a weather eye out for a mesh head and skin applier combo that I could actually work with; one that didn’t make me feel like clawing at Skell’s face and screaming “Get it off me!” after about an hour of wearing it.

Yesterday I think that finally… maybe… perhaps I found one to tide me over.

Yes, it’s not ‘Skell’, but crucially it’s also not making me itch to take it off. I wouldn’t wear it permanently (it’s simply not Skell’s natural face shape; the jaw is much wider, and overall it’s sculpted in a much more classically-handsome way) but it’s something that I don’t mind walking around in for more than an hour or two. I could wear this in a more classic, elegant look, the same way I would wear no makeup and a less-androgynous skin for a non-mesh classic, elegant look.

I also tried three different appliers with it, and they all gave it a completely  different look, which is a huge plus point. Yes, the width of the jaw is a little bit of an issue, but I’m not internally screaming over it, which is the best I can ask for right now, until a good male Bento mesh head comes on the market that I can customise to look more… Skellish.

I’ll make a post later today to feature the rest of this look, since I have to leave for work pretty soon. But for now here are the quick credits:

Jacket: Eclipse Design – Diesel Jacket (grey)

Skin: VYC – Blade (Catwa, TMP, Omega appliers only)

Hair: Dura – Boy*66 (wood black)

Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes (deep hazel)

Head: Catwa – Justin

(Jacket and skin currently available at Men Only Monthly until Jan 15th.)

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