Suited and Booted

’til you scream

Mmm, kinky…

So, I promised you another post with more details later today, but it’s now tomorrow because time got away from me. (I swear that made sense in my own mind…) Nonetheless, I’m here now, and so is this suit. Hot fucking damn, I love this suit.

I picked up two versions from Men Only Monthly: this grey one, and the black one. And, my sartorial darlings, the grey one is so fucking fine  that I’ve not even tried on the black one yet. And that’s almost unheard of for me, so that tells you how good it is. Not only is it hot as balls, but it also has a detail that I love: the zips up the front of the lower leg. If you consider that idea without seeing a picture of it, it really shouldn’t work, but… it does.

Suited and booted, aaaaand Skell has a new persona with this guy. I’ve yet to name him, but if anyone suggests I call him Christian, you’ll feel the sharp end of that crop. And you won’t enjoy it. We’ll have none of that Fifty Shades of Wouldn’t Know Safe, Sane, and Consensual If It Booted Us Up the Arse  around here, thank you very much.

Have I made myself quite clear?

Good, because I would be disappointed if you forced me to pick up something… sharper than this to make my point. A singletail speaks quite clearly, I’ve found.

Anyway, back to the suit. By Eclipse Design, it’s available at the current run of Men Only Monthly (which ends on Jan 15th, so get your skates on). The fit is perfect, although I did have a few small issues with the wrists of my Slink hands pushing through the shirt cuffs in some poses. However, my AO is quite ~active, so if yours is a little more sedate then you probably won’t even notice ;-)

The shoes and socks are by Deadwool. These Dandy shoes are perfect semi-formal footwear, but they don’t fit over Slink feet, and I needed something to cover the gaping nothingness that was Skell’s ankles. Enter the Dandy mesh socks, which have multiple options for fitting, from ankle-only right down to full-foot socks to be worn without any other footwear.

And then, of course, there’s the head. Which Skell is still  wearing without protest. Wonders will never cease. I don’t even feel that I’ve ‘lost’ him in this one, so I’ll be happy to drag it out on various occasions, unlike the other ones that I’ve tried and been disappointed by (or, at least, have never worn again after the initial day of purchase).

The head is Catwa’s Justin, and while the face is much broader than Skell’s system phiz, it looks elegantly-handsome, as opposed to furiously-butch, which so many other male mesh heads seem to be. At least on my investigations, anyway. Not every guy wants to look like you’ve just insulted his Mum after he’s had a skinful of lager and he’s about to punch seven bells out of you…

The skin applier is by VYC, also at the current Men Only Monthly.

We’re going to head into the studio now, because artsy-fartsy and nice though those shadow shots are, I like to show outfits as good as this in full lighting, too.

I invested in the full Anypose BVH HUD, which means I can finally  pull Skell’s fingers out of his jacket when poses don’t quite work. And, yes, I can give his cigarette hand that vague little tilt. You know  I was laughing at that one, right? Walking cliché, me ;-)

And just because the profile on this head is to die for…

Go forth and shop!


Suit: Eclipse Design – Diesel Jacket & Pants (sold separately) (grey)
Shoes: Deadwool – Dandy Shoes (black)
Socks: Deadwool – Dandy Socks (plain)
Hair: Dura – Boy*66 (wood black)
Ring: Mandala – Haraheri Knuckle Ring
Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
Eyes: IKON – Sovereign Eyes (deep hazel)
Skin: VYC – Blade (TMP, Catwa & Omega appliers only)
Head: Catwa – Justin
Nails: A:S:S – The Huge Color Pack (greys)
Chair: 22769 Bauwerk – Tufted Armchair
Crop: Rack Poses – Riding Crop

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