Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Not dead

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I’m not dead, but my hard drive is.

I mentioned back in this post that I suspected it was on its last legs. Prophetic, because it failed two weeks ago. Cue frantic backing-up of over 200GB of data, followed by surgery to remove the drive from its cage in the PC tower, packaging it up, expensive (holy shit expensive) shipping it via overnight courier back to the place that built my monster gaming rig, where they conducted exhaustive tests to confirm that yes, it had failed.

Well, DUH. Given that it kept vanishing from BIOS and failed the SeaTools Long Generic Test as well as showing up a lot of unreadable sectors in CHKDSK…

Now I find out that what I thought was warrantied… isn’t. So I now have to foot the labour costs for those exhaustive tests. Yeah, not exactly the happiest of little bunnies over here.

In the meantime, I’m running on my old Dell XPS rig. I’ve been posting some fashion stuff over on Flickr (see the sidebar images here on the blog, or click here), but to be honest I’ve not had the heart to update much on here. For one thing, my credit card has taken a hammering over this, and I still  have the expense of a new hard drive yet to come. For another thing (and this is a moan that I shouldn’t inflict on you, but hey it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I… oh no. Wrong song) RL has taken the proverbial cricket bat to my sorry arse and resulted in a lot of stress at work. It’s hard not to bring that kind of thing home with you, and decompressing has basically involved a lot of mindless stuff such as faffing around with time-eating and mind-numbing games such as Civilization V.

Anyhow, I have  got a job to do in SL, and that is as one of the official bloggers for A Clockwork Spiral. Inworld time is limited (and not helped by the fact that I’m currently waiting out a region restart in our home region that has lasted over 30 minutes so far) and it’s taking a while to put together the main post that I want to do for it. It will  see the light of day before the event is over, but it may take a few days to complete.

Did I mention I’m also coming down with the stinking  cold that’s doing the rounds at work?


So yeah. Not dead, but slightly disheartened :-/


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