The SLife of I

There once was an ugly duckling

2007 was a cruel year to be a newb.

We didn’t have much (well, fuck all, really) to work with. I finally managed to find the screenshot that I took the day Skell discovered the camera controls and saw his default ‘male goth’ face, just two days into his Second Life.

I actually screamed. The very next day, Daros took me to buy a skin and shape. Five years on and hey, look! I am a swan!*

*mostly serene on the surface, but paddling like hell underneath.

Like most avatars of that time, I soon found my way to The Freebie Warehouse, Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise, and… here:

Most of SL’s old farts (pre-Windlight avatar? Sorry, you are an old fart) have a soft spot for Yadni’s. Sometimes we even go back there, just for old time’s sake, just in case there’s some new pack of freebie… stuff left lying around. Ah, nostalgia ;-)

Then, there was Gor:

Lots of Gor:

There was gay (yay!) Gor:

(I still have no idea why I was the most-dressed person there.)

But, eventually, I ended up here, with the help of my gorgeous boy, who dragged me around stores to find me skin, shape, and hair:

And that was the sweet and innocent (do you need some cough candy? that sounds like a nasty cold on the way) boy who forged a pixel path to fashion… something or other, several years down the line.

Welcome to Virtual Bloke. Expect anything and everything here. I don’t DO pigeonholes ;-)

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