Suited and Booted

Kiss of Death

Aka: Poison Ivy, lord will make you itch!

One of the best groups I’m in is Pure Poison. For a one-off join fee of (currently) L$100 you get two group gifts of jewellery and accessories per month. Bonus for all the freaky boys like me? Most of it is unisex and resizable.

The second gift for October, just sent out yesterday, is this fabulous Poison Ivy mask, different in colour but exactly the same in design as the one worn by the gorgeous Uma Thurman in the movie Batman & Robin.

Now, I don’t own much in the way of bright green stuff, but this was a challenge I couldn’t resist. I knew I would find a pair of pants somewhere in my Sn@tch folder (since, as regular readers already know, I own just about every damn pair of system pants Ivey Deschanel has ever made) so the hunt was on for a green shirt. I really wanted to do this entirely from inventory, rather than buying extra stuff, so I dug deep. Finding the right shade was bloody difficult, I can tell you. Everything was either too blue-green or too yellow-green. BUT! Finally I found this old-old-old (aka: possibly no longer available) shirt from Armidi Gisaci. It’s still a damn good shirt, and a glorious colour.

UPDATE: Armidi is no longer inworld, but all the designers’ items have been set for sale at L$100 each, at The Warehouse. Yes, this is old system and sculpt content, but guys this is a motherlode of great stuff. I used to shop at Armidi a LOT, and I’m currently running around this store, grabbing loads of stuff that I already have and still love, in other colours. Male and female clothing and accessories etc are available there and, as I mentioned, everything is just L$100.

UPDATE 2: Holy shit. All of the old Abyss stuff is here, too, from clothing to skins (I wore their Adam Crius skin for years!) and it’s all legit: the owners of each sale board are the original designers. This isn’t a copybot knock-off; this is… actually, it’s blowing my mind a bit O.o Can we say “Kid in a candy store”? I think we can ;-)

It’s almost a cert that I can always find pants to match any look within that Sn@tch folder, and these leggings were spot-on.

With something as skintight as this (and yes, that was deliberate; in the movie Poison Ivy wore a skintight catsuit and this was as close as I could get!) footwear is always difficult. Eventually, I plumped for a great pair of high ankle boots that I bought from Blackburns for just L$29 a couple of years ago. If you’ve not discovered Blackburns, check out the Marketplace store. Tons of great footwear and dirt-cheap prices.

Eh, you know me. There has to be slap and there has to be metal. Makeup is from Blacklace Beauty and my usual Pekka piercings have been tinted green for the occasion. Slink male mesh hands with nail appliers from A:S:S, and eyes from IKON. I matched Uma’s hair colour in the movie with this style from Exile. The ring? Why, that’s from an oooooold fatpack of rings that Munchflower Zaius sent out to the Nomine group way back in October 2008. When I told Munch that I was still wearing them, I don’t think she could quite believe it, but it was such a great collection, so versatile and full of different colours, that I still dig into it even now.

Lastly, I was at Apple Fall last night, checking out their latest to-die-for collection, and I spotted this green chair. Since I was already halfway through putting this look together, I had  to have it. It’s the only new item in this entire shoot.


Mask: Pure Poison – Poison Ivy Mask (group gift) [ shaleene.kenin ] [ group link ]

Shirt: Armidi Gisaci – Cambridge Cuffed Shirt (lorange green)
– Can be purchased at The Warehouse

Pants: Sn@tch – Metallic Brocade Leggings (green) [ ivey.deschanel ]

Boots: Blackburns – Laced & Strap Heels [ vlad.blackburn ]

Hair: Exile – Drake (sunset) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes (green) [ ikon.innovia ]

Makeup (base): Blacklace Beauty – Intense Cloud 18 [ gemini.galatea ]

Makeup (eyeshadow): Blacklace Beauty – Night Out Shadow 5 [ gemini. galatea ]

Horns: Rue – The Chirurgeon (verde ridged) [ ruina.kessel ]
– This shade is no longer available (new shades can be found at the store, though)

Ring: Nomine – Elktooth Ring (green custom) [ munchflower.zaius ]
– No longer available

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]

Nail polish: A:S:S – Slink Avatar Enhancement System Nails (Poison) [ photos.nikolaidis]

Piercings: Pekka – Esoteric Unisex Piercing (tinted green) [ kathya.szczepanski ]

Earring: Rozoregalia – Belial Pierce 3 (group gift) [ rozoregalia.braveheart ]

Skin: Tableau Vivant – Hybrid skin (old group gift) [ aida.ewing ]
– No longer available

Chair: Apple Fall – Milan Lounge (green leather) [ warehousefifteendesigns ]

Poses: Grafica [ alyx.aerallo ] and Agapee [ argnit.igaly ]

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