The SLife of I

The SLife of I: Part 1

No, I’m not sharing a boat with a tiger. These are just a few random snapshots of my SLife in the past few weeks.

Firstly, Daros and I bought a huge plot of land at auction, on our home sim of Jindalrae. It had previously been the location of a big SL pregnancy clinic, and it had become something of a standing joke that – when I was sitting up in our big steampunk tower home waaaaay off to the east of the clinic – random female avatars would send me IMs, assuming that either: I owned the store and could tell them how much the triplets package was, or that I could… assist them in other, more intimate ways. Yeesh!

Incidentally, see those lines on the Linden water there? I have an ATI card (never again, trust me) and I see those damn things all the time unless I have shadows enabled. Anyone else get those? They drive me crazy, flickering and flashing away. Sometimes the water is green. And no, it’s not my system; it’s less than a year old, and is a custom-built, water-cooled gaming rig. The only thing I can think of is that I have a dodgy GPU (or that ATI just simply isn’t as good as NVIDIA, which I’ll be switching back to by the end of the year).

Seconds after we’d won the land (after a very tense half hour with a sniper bidding against us, which saw us put in a whopping bid that nobody in their right mind would try to surpass!) I had my arms full of very happy boyfriend :-)

VERY happy boyfriend! XD

And then, I logged in a few days ago and – no matter what I did – I kept floating. The best way I can describe it is that it was like the ghosts in the Sims 3 cemetery. Even when I walked, I floated. A relog fixed it, but it was odd as all hell.

Now, this young lady was standing at the base of our steampunk tower home. She was cuffed and chained and her Master kept poufing in and poufing out again, taking off her clothes and putting new ones on her. Interesting selection in her #RLV folder…

Thing is, he put this skirt (well really, it’s more like a belt) on her, and… uh… a friend of mine (*koff*) really wants to know where it’s from, so he can buy one. Can you help me him out?

Moving swiftly on… I should have added this to my ‘Packaging: You’re doing it right’  set on Flickr. Great packaging from Aitui:

An amazing dress spotted a few weeks ago at the final Zodiac event. I complimented the wearer, because her entire ensemble was awesome. She was a blogger, putting together an Alice-themed look.

Penutimately, a new ‘thing’ for the blog: Fashion Disasters In The Wild. We begin with a trip to Sn@tch last week to grab the Woeful Wednesday item, whereat I spotted this leggy lovely, wearing a tag that proclaimed her to be a ‘top model’. With un-matched, poorly-sized feet like that, honey, I sure as hell wouldn’t hire you. </bitch>

Lastly, the best moments are always the small, simple, perfect ones when you spend time with someone you love <3


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