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Domicile: Interessovat

Me dorogoy Droogs!

Behold, me starry domy: Interessovat. Its bolshy is 30m x 30m and it has 72 primlies. Spend a nochy oddy-knocky and skaz you’re not poogly. Domy, sladky domy, eh?

Translation: My dear friends! See this ancient house; it’s of interest. Its size is 30m x 30m and it’s a total of 72 prims. Spend a night alone here and tell me you’re not scared. Home, sweet home, eh?

Interessovat is a two-storey skybox with an outside surround. Outside, you’ll find a worn old city road and delapidated buildings. Inside, the decor is grungy and shabby. Two small side rooms downstairs, and a large room from which an old staircase rises up into two equally-large rooms. Note: all rooms are windowless.

Interessovat comes packed in a Rez Faux box in the following sections:

– Base & surround: 3 prims
– Building: 33 prims
– Road: 11 prims
– Road surround: 4 prims
– Door surrounds: 4 prims
– Fireplace: 17 prims

The Rez Faux box totals 2 prims, so you’ll need at least 74 prims to rez this skybox for the first time. Prim count can be lowered by (once rezzed) removing the road and road surround (if you remove the road, you MUST remove the road surround, as it’s fitted around the road itself). This will knock the prim count down to 57. Removing the fireplace will bring it down further to just 40.

I’ve set it out as the Rezzed Build of the Week, so head to the store, me chellovecks, and viddy me sladky domy!

Your clapped-out limo: Domicile

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