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Domicile: Chew’s Warehouse

Out now at Domicile: Chew’s Warehouse – a 28m x 12m, 14-prim grunged warehouse with a simple click-to-open door and landing area. Ideal for a store, gallery, or just a roomy home, it won’t eat into your prim count and will rez as fast as heck ;-)

Listed as a skybox, it can just as easily work on the ground.

All objects in the building are modifiable, with the exception of the script in the door. This no-mod script has no effect on your ability to modify the door itself, or any other part of the build.

Your taxi to Domicile @ GB City, where a teleporter awaits to send you to a rezzed version (below; avatar shown for scale).

Or buy on Marketplace.

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