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Here’s my key: philosophy

A freak like me just needs infinity.

Yeah yeah, I’m late as hell on this one, since the Men Jail event closes on Jan 28th, but keep an eye on Rekt’s Marketplace store and hopefully this fantastic vest will make an appearance there if you miss it at TMJ. I’ve been so busy that I only picked it up myself yesterday, which is why I’m so bloody late posting! But damn, am I completely in love with this look. so I figured that—as well as splurging it all over Flickr—I’d chuck it here, too. For full-sized images, just click through, since I’m linking directly from Flickr for this post.

Here's my key: philosophy (01)

I do have to let you know upfront, though, that the incredible hair featured in this look is no longer available. It was a hunt prize from Exile, for Madpea’s Peatonville Asylum Game (and, for the sake of transparency, I was blogging for Exile at the time, so this was a review copy). The hair is animated with amazing flames (video here) and how I wish that Kavar Cleanslate would put it out for sale now the hunt has been over for five years, because it’s amazing.

So let’s take a gander at this whole (somewhat deliciously bonkers) look:

Here's my key: philosophy (02)

Yes, my sartorial darlings, when you look at the credits list you will see those pants listed as ‘gym leggings (latex)’. Quite apart from cringing at the (horribly sweaty) thought of wearing latex  to the gym, this is the only way you’ll get Skell into anything approaching sportswear or workout gear (although he does own one really great pair of… [deep breath] sweatpants but they’re more the fashion kind, rather than the sporty kind, because… well… *shudders*).

The eye makeup is a layered combination from Zibska (the gold eyeshadow) with some amazing running mascara and thick winged liner from La Malvada Mujer (which also includes materials). The gorgeous ears are ones I picked up last November from Pumec. Fantastic customisation HUD, with multiple colour options for skin and piercings, as well as tattoos and ear-tip tints. I may be a convert to these ones, even if they are  pixie ears…

The necklace from (A)MAZE was discovered when I nabbed this week’s Wanderlust Weekend item from them. It (and its silver sister) sat right by the WW item, and I couldn’t resist them.

Here's my key: philosophy (03)

Tattoo from This is Wrong (it’s an old one, but I still adore it) and oiled leather winklepicker boots from Hotdog (where else would offer toes like that? Love ’em). Holographic lipstick (blended to a soft fade) by Izzie’s and my trusty ‘Holy Cheekbones, Batman!’ skin (okay okay, it’s actually called ‘Toni’) by L’Etre. (Pleasepleaseplease, David Cooper, release a BOM version of that for me!)

Here's my key: philosophy (04)


Vest: Rekt – Fantasy vest w/Neck (Gianni, Jake, Legacy)
Pants: 4bidden – Gym Leggings (latex – Gianni, Jake, Legacy, Aes)
Collar: (A)MAZE – Scales Collar (gold)
Shoes: Hotdog – WinklePickers (oil leather – Gianni, Jake, Freya, Maitreya, Slink M&F)
Ears: Pumec – Mesh Ears (forest pixie)
Hair: Exile – Twisted Firestarter* (no longer available)
Colour makeup: Zibska – Weit Makeup* (Lelutka, Omega, BOM)
Black makeup: La Malvada Mujer – Bruschetta in the Eye (Catwa, Omega, BOM)
Lipstick: Izzie’s – Holo Metallic Lipstick (Catwa, Lelutka, BOM)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Fresh Eyes* (Catwa – from April 2019 Powder Pack)
Tattoo: This is Wrong – Lotus Tattoo (male pack: Adam, Jake, Gianni, Slink, TMP)
Skin: L’Etre – Toni (buttermilk – Catwa)
Head: Catwa – Skell* (Bento)
Body: Signature – Gianni

*review copy

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