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New steampunky goodness at Domicile!


Holy crap, I actually made something! Yeah, I know. It’s been a while :p

I’ve put three new original mesh creations (crafted by my own fair hand!) out in Domicile, and they’re probably going to appeal to you steampunkers out there.

The Isambard Ceiling Lamp – 1LI (Marketplace link)

The Isambard Wall Lamp – 1LI (Marketplace link)

And the Isambard Table Lamps. These come in two versions: with steam (2LI) and without steam (1LI). In both of these the lamp bulb slowly rotates. (Marketplace link)

They’ll be rezzed out inworld for you to take a look at for a while, so come visit Domicile :-)

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2 thoughts on “New steampunky goodness at Domicile!
  1. Those globes would be beautiful to hold.

    I’ve never owned a home. Sometimes I wish I did have one, something to play with and decorate. I think I’d change it every day tho, haha. It would be for me, like breedables to some people.

    Hope hope these do well for you.

    1. Thank you! I was thinking earlier today that they would also make nice earrings, so I might look into that (never been much of a tinkerer with tiny prims, but I’m considering having a go at it for these).

      I hear you on the decorating thing. Between us my partner and I have… ooh… about seven or eight homes at various heights on our land; each one for a different mood. I’m forever gutting them and re-furnishing! XD

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