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Admin: Backend website work incoming [update: now completed]

[SL Blogger Network: This post is not for consideration. Thank you!]

This is just a short post to give my readers a heads-up that I’ll be digging around in the backend of the website tonight and tomorrow. For short periods of time this weekend Virtual Bloke may not be available, or it may throw out errors. The most common error you might see—caused by the work I plan to do—is ‘too many redirects’. Your browser may prompt you to clear cache and/or cookies. Please don’t clear your entire cache and/or cookies, though. If you feel it might help, then clear out cookies for only.

Hopefully the work will be over and done with relatively quickly and painlessly, with as little downtime as possible.

Update: The backend work is all done. Hopefully you shouldn’t notice anything different with regard to the site or its performance. You may need to update any bookmarks that you have for specific pages, but even older bookmarks should redirect without any issue.

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