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The Bloggies: What… again?!

[SL Blogger Network: This post is not for consideration. Thank you!]

You lot really love making me squirm, dontcha? ;-)

I haven’t even written about this until now, even though I’ve known about it for over a week. As I mentioned in last year’s awkward “I’ve been nominated” post, I really don’t do that whole shouting from the rooftops omg vote for meeeee! thing. (I’ve even asked the SLBN not to consider this post for their feed, even though they have publicised at least two or three other bloggers’ posts about it.) This blog is a lazy, laid-back labour of (stylish!) love, and I know that I’m nowhere near the calibre of other nominees in terms of post frequency or technical ability. I just string words together sometimes and they seem to make sense for people.

That said, and despite my feeling of discomfiture, it would be churlish of me not to thank those who nominated me for Best Tutorial Blogger, so—if nothing else—this post is a sincere “thank you” to you, if you are a reader who nominated me for that category. It’s greatly appreciated, as are all of the kind words that I receive inworld—be those in IM or notecard form—thanking me for blog posts that have helped people in some way, or even just given them a laugh. (I sorely need to revive some of my bitchy posts, don’t I?)

If you do feel inclined to drop a vote my way, then I’m afraid that the fashionable lateness of this post leaves you only another day and a half to do so, as voting closes at midday SLT on 18th October. You can find the voting form here (scroll down to where it says ‘click here to vote’ in order to see all the categories and the actual voting form).

Now please excuse me while I run off, screaming, toward the heaving 212,000+ morass of stuff that comprises my inventory, and start flinging shit around, because the refrain now is the same as last year: WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR?!

Update: My eventual outfit:

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