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“I’d like to thank the Academy…”

Well. This is awkward.

I’m an Englishman, my sartorial darlings. I don’t do that whole ‘self-promotion, shouting from the rooftops’ thing. But, apparently, it’s the done thing to make a post when you’ve been nominated for The Bloggies in Second Life.

So here I am, shuffling awkwardly, wringing my fingers a bit, and mumbling something self-effacing and unintelligible. Good Lord, I mean… what?!

I’m honoured, truly I am. This came as a complete surprise to me, since I really don’t put myself out there all that much, in the manner of self-promotion. I’m quite happy to coast along, doing my own thing, thumbing my nose at restrictive rules, and skating merrily along the sidelines. But it appears that some of you won’t let me do that, and want to drag me out a bit more into the limelight, you glorious, evil little bastards ;-)

Fair do’s. I did submit this blog to Linden Lab’s Second Life Blogger Network. And I did get an early feature (the Omega ‘Bite Size Tutorial’ post) on their blog feed. And then the Firestorm changelog page for their Bakes on Mesh release linked to my Beginners’ Guide to Bakes on Mesh, and holy shit my stats haven’t recovered since.

So, um, yeah. I have been nominated for Best Tutorial Blogger (for this blog) and Best Review Blogger (for my Flickr account). My sincere thanks to those of you who nominated me, and if any of my sartorial darlings feel so inclined as to want to vote for me, you can do so here. (You will need to scroll down and click the ‘vote here’ button in order to see all categories, including the ones that I’m nominated for.)

And now I’m going to bury this post with another one, while I sidle off-stage, internally screaming the only question my brain can come up with right now:


Update: A quick edit to show my eventual outfit. Since the menswear stipulation for The Bloggies Gala was ‘black tie’ (honestly, that’s rather boring for me) I took Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown look from the Oscars as my inspiration, and Syd got an outing. Congratulations to all the winners!

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