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Admin: Sabbatical [AKA: Where the fuck have you been, Skell?]

[SL Blogger Network: This post is not for consideration. Thank you!]

It may or may not have slipped your notice that I’ve been nowhere to be found for the past couple of months. Not on the blog, not on Flickr, not on Twitter, not inworld, etc. So I just thought I’d sling a post up here on the blog to reassure anyone who might be getting a bit concerned, and to say that no I ain’t dead; I’m just taking a bit of a sabbatical from Second Life.

It might seem like an odd time to do that, given that I’ve missed this blog’s 10th anniversary (24th May, if you’re curious) as well as Skell’s 16th rezday (today, again if you’re curious) and SL’s own 20th birthday (ongoing right now; doubt you’ve missed that one!) but there’s so much else going on for me right now that SL has taken a backseat since 10th April, which was when I last posted anything anywhere online. In that time, I’ve logged in only twice – for five minutes at most each time – to clear notices etc.

I have a couple of posts in my drafts here – including a new Noob Dude one – but I was already getting a bit burned out while writing that one, so it’s going to stay there until I have more time and mental energy to focus on SL again. I might drift inworld occasionally, but to be honest the urge to log in and do stuff just isn’t really there at the moment. I just needed a break, and several IRL things compounded that need, so I basically shut off all things SL for a couple of months. I’ve not been looking at Seraphim or Flickr (because FOMO is a thing, of course, and if I see some incredible outfit then I’m going to feel like I should log in and grab it, then I’ll feel that I should pull together a look around it to post it on Flickr, etc etc). I even let my one remaining Blogotex obligation drop, which pained me a bit because that particular creator has been so amazingly supportive and wonderful. But, y’know, I just don’t have it in me right now to do all this stuff.

So yeah. Not dead, and normal service will be resumed ASAP, etc etc. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, my sartorial darlings. I’ll be back sometime soon. <3

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