Suited and Booted

Bite me, bitches

It’s a trip.
Imma flip, and flash right through the scene.
Can’t you see what I mean?

Sweet baby Jesus, I am wallowing  in goodies right now. Gorgeous hair and bitch boots, and I’m so giddy with it all I’m surrounding myself with fuckin’ rainbows O.o

See what I mean?

Anyway. *cough* HAIR!

Another new release from [BAD HAIR DAY] – just out today, in fact – this is the Kef  style. With each colour pack purchase you’ll get two HUDs: one for the main colour, and one for the highlights. There’s also a mirrored version if you want the long tendrils of hair to be the other way around. But oh my god, the fun comes when you mix different colour packs together. Each base colour and highlight HUD works with every other colour pack of the hair. Want to use the base HUD from the Gingers colour pack and the tint HUD from the Colors pack? Knock yourself out, because you can.

I used the black and whites base HUD and the colors tint HUD for this look.

While I’m focused on Skell’s phiz, the makeup is by Zibska – who is currently having a closeout sale to make way for new items, both inworld and on Marketplace. So if you want to pick up some L$50 bargains, make sure you check that out. The sale ends on August 31st.

Skell’s wearing one of my Zibska faves: the Herrick  eyeshadow, which comes in a 14-colour HUD for Omega, TMP, and LeLutka. The eyes are from my go-to these days for perfect peepers (oh fuck, somebody slap me; these boots have turned my damn head…) – Avi-Glam. The Lucent  eyes are shown here in the ocean shade, although my lighting does slightly detract from the gorgeous blend of colours in them.

Piercings by RealEvil, one of my current favourite designers in SL. These ones aren’t Bento-rigged, but since I rarely use face animations that doesn’t bother me. And, while I’m still experiencing a dearth of male Bento-rigged rings, these beauties by Absolut Vendetta at Vista Animations more than fit the bill for now. What I love about these is the HUD that—like the one RealEvil uses for their piercings—allows you to make individual parts visible or not. More customisation is always good!

Yes, I’m slowly working my way down to those boots. Patience, grasshopper ;-)

As soon as I saw this top by AGATA at the Hipster Mens Event (which, yes, I almost didn’t go to; that name kinda put me off, but it was well worth the visit) I all but jumped on it. Since I’m wearing applier pants under this mesh version, I had to set the applier layer on my Slink body to ‘mask’ for the pants, otherwise you’d have got more than an eyeful. And yes, I know I’m a spoilsport :p I also picked up the other (more solid, less-meshy) black version, which may make an appearance in another post at some point.

The sexeh fishnet gloves are Omega appliers by Sn@tch. And, since I’d picked out some colour in the hair, the makeup and glove details had to follow.

Okay. Okay.

Jesus tapdancing Christ on a cracker. Just L$250, full-perm, and unrigged. What the fuck  are you waiting for?! I swear, the materials on these boots are absolutely gobsmacking. The coloured reflections I’m getting in these images are all down to the lighting in the pose prop by Weekend Ruiner that I was using. Test ’em out with different projected lighting and windlights, because you’ll have so much fun  with these.

Here’s a studio shot with non-coloured lighting:

And if you try to tell me you don’t want those boots, my sartorial darlings, you know what you can do…


Go forth and shop!

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Kef* (main: B&W HUD – tints: Colors HUD)
Top: AGATA – Jan Top (mesh black male)
Boots: Meli Imako – MI Super High Heel Knee Boots (full perm)
Eyes: Avi-Glam – Lucent Eyes (ocean)
Pants appliers: Sn@tch – Second Skin Leather Pants
Makeup: Zibska – Herrick
Gloves: Sn@tch – Wasted Glory Gloves
Rings: Absolut Vendetta – Icarus Bento Rings (male)
Choker: Stray Dog – Choker
Piercings: RealEvil – Savage Face Piercings
Brow appliers: Odeco – Catwa/Omega Mens Eyebrow Shaved
Skin applier: Avenge – Matthew (peach)
Head: Catwa – Daniel
Body: Slink – Physique Male
Hands: Slink – Dynamic Male
Poses: (PDA)

*review copy

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