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Lay me down in darkness

Another World Goth Fair post from me (and, joy of joys, I think I’ve finally fixed my connection woes after buying and installing a new router; seems like the old one was on its last legs).

This time I’m actually edging into some colour. Yeah, okay… I’ll just give you a few moments to get over that fainting fit you’re having.

Right ;-)

The title of this post may be goth-sounding, but believe me I’m listening to a bangin’ dance song right now and I’ve no intention of changing it. I make no apologies for not matching my music to my theme today :p

Many of these images featured in yesterday’s Monday Meme post, because it ended up as such a wall-o-text that I had to break it up somehow, but I didn’t have time to do a full credits post. This time, I’ve gotcher credits all ready for you and, apart from one item, all of this look comes from World Goth Fair. Remember the fair runs until June 1st, so you’ve still got a week to jet over there and avail yourself of some awesome merchandise, including officially-licensed band hoodies. Get buying, my sartorial darlings!

Caveat #1: I did use some saturation and filtering to get the darkened images for the blog. A true-colour image will be at the end, for comparison.

Caveat #2: I am STILL under the weather with this cold, and STILL on meds for it. So this post could come across as slightly, er, loopy? It’ll be interesting, at any rate. And probably riddled with enough typos that I’ll be cringing when I look back at it in a few days.

Huh. Interesting. The blog added an aura to me!

The coat and sweater are from a great set by Avatar Bizarre. You’ll also get pants, boots, and a hat with this outfit, but you know me: mixin’, matchin’ queen. It’s very  rare for me to feature an all-over look from one store. If there’s anything half the fun in SL fashion, it’s to be found in putting a little bit of this with a little bit of that and seeing what insanity ensues ;-)

And, with regard to that mixy-matchy thing, I decided to go with these pants from the Symbiosis  outfit by Gallactic. Love the organic feel to these.

The hat and cane are from the Royal Vodou  set by Sax Shepherd Designs. This comes in several colour variants, or a fatpack with a single HUD that works for both. Lots of customisation options for each part of both hat and cane.

There’s so much gorgeous jewellery at World Goth Fair. For this look I’m using a necklace by Pale Empress. It, too, sizes up nicely for boys, but I just needed it to slip under the turtleneck collar of this sweater ;-)

ETA: And in the morning he wakes up and realises he never mentioned the piercings! So, he makes a bleary-eyed edit at 4:30am-ish (oh boy, do my work hours ever kick my arse sometimes… *hugs a mug of tea like it’s a lifeline*). These gorgeous little facial studs are by Ellabella, and they match the coat perfectly.

One item not from World Goth Fair is this incredible hair by Illmatic at Kustom 9. I tried the demo of it, and fell in love with it. It comes in both male and female rigged sizes, with the braids (yep, it has looong braids, although – since they poked out through the coat collar I’ve not photographed the back!) either behind or in front. And the hairbase is nothing short of exquisite; soft and feathery. Really gorgeous stuff. Go out on a limb with this one, guys. It really works.

And at this point we pause while Skell slips in one of those lovely fortuitious shots that happened when he hit his eye-direction HUD and it froze his eyes shut. I can never get  a closed-eyes shot when I want one, so when they turn up accidentally I take full advantage of them!

Skin by Atomic Faery. Again, I’ve gone with the ash skintone, as I really love this shade. And the stitching is fabulous (and also fits in with the whole mashup-ness of the outfit *g*). Makeup and eyes from By Snow.

I can see you looking at that ring (well, it’s more of a weapon, and I was amused to see that the description of it said: “Give them the finger”; you could just as well have their eye out with it, too!) and you’ll have a close-up of it very shortly.

‘Shortly’, as in ‘now’. This is fabulous, although it took a deal of resizing (script only) to fit a male-sized hand. It works nicely with Slink hands (I’m wearing the small hands here, as they fitted better under the coat cuffs), so a bit of sizing-up, rotating, and moving into position was required, but it was worth it. Lots of great colours, too. And the Slink nail appliers are some of the Koffin Nails (‘Vortex’ style shown here) by Dark Passions.

Once again, you find me in these gorgeous boots by The Little Bat. Goth ladies and freaky boys, you gotta get these gacha lovelies. They size up beautifully for the guys, and the feet are well-proportioned (because hell yeah, don’t we heel-loving guys know what it’s like to find awesome boots that – even when sized to fit our calves – have teeny-tiny feet?).


And, finally (because I’ve swamped you with pics today) here’s a raw, true-colour image.

World Goth Fair landing points:
Cursed ~ Sium ~ Port Seraphine (Fair runs until June 1st)

Your store list for this post from World Goth Fair

Coat & undershirt: Avatar Bizarre – Mitternacht Hatter (purple)* [ sredni.eel ]

Pants: Gallactic – Symbiosis (black)* [ dolce.blackflag ]

Boots: The Little Bat – Axi Boots (purple)* [ drusilla.dethly ]

Hat & Cane: Sax Shepherd Designs – Royal Vodou* [ sax.shepherd ]

Skin: Atomic Faery – Frankenfaery (ash)* [ atomicfaery ]

Necklace: Pale Empress – Severina (purple)* [ dolce.blackflag ]

Piercings: Ellabella – Saint (Hella)* [ ellantha.larsson ]

Ring: LNS Designs – Tactum Mortis (noireximal)* [ sonnetsoleil ]

Eyes: By Snow – Midnight Eyes (purple)* [ snow.frostwych ]

Makeup: By Snow – Lacuna Eyeshadow (violet)* [ snow.frostwych ]

Nail Appliers: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails (vortex)* [ bcreative.wilde ]

Other Items

Hair: Illmatic – Frenchie (noir) [ kaiden.trill ]
– at Kustom 9

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax) [ siddean.munro ]


Momomuller [ momomura.zehetbauer ]

CheerNo Motion [ sinystra ]

*Review copy. Thank you! :-)

Yeah, I make no apologies for this. Awesome track.

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  1. Awesome track indeed. XD And lovin’ the purple stitched up Baron Samedi in heels look. I can totally see this guy slinking down Bourbon Street under a full moon.

    1. Aaaand now I have Sting as an earworm first thing in the morning :p

      I’ve no choice but to follow that call;
      The bright lights, the people, and the moon and all…

      (And thank you!)

    1. Thank you!

      Apologies for the delay in approving and replying to your comment. Thanks to a server move, access to my dashboard has been sporadic at best over the past few days, and slow to the point of timing out repeatedly. My webhost is onto it, so hopefully I should be back in full business soon.

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