Suited and Booted

“Evenin’, squire. Got a light?” – The Gentleman Bastard gets a 2014 makeover

They seek him here, they seek him there. That thieving little bastard’s everywhere.

It might seem odd that an avatar has an alter ego, but Skell has several. You’re already acquainted with Rockstar, but in his most natural form, Skell is ‘Snake Eyes’ Dagger, the Gentleman Bastard.

Every few years, I update his look. This is the 2014 variant, which relies heavily on some favourite pieces: the Deadwool mesh duster coat, and simple clothing layer pants and shirts from two fatpacks that came from Dragansvarg back when it was still called Husky GFX. These packs have seen me through countless costumes from multiple eras, and I consider them essentials for any historical roleplayer.

It’s late at night, and the toff is walking back from his gentleman’s club through the gaslit streets. He turns down an alley; a fatal move, because someone is blocking his way.

“Evenin’, squire. Beautiful night, ain’t it?”

“Seems like me fag’s gone out. Got a light?”

“Ohhh, what a nice pocketwatch you got there. Real pretty piece, that is…”

“I’m thinkin’ that pretty piece needs to be in my ‘and right now, guv’nor.”

“I really, really  don’t think you should be readyin’ to shout for a Peeler, me old cock. Just ‘and it over, nice and quiet and nobody gets hurt.”

“Luverly. What else ya got, then?”

“Whatcha mean, nuffin’? Rich cove like you, rollin’ ‘ome from his club, gotta be loaded. ‘ad a spin on the ‘orses, have yer? You won’t be needin’ yer wallet, squire. Lemme take that off yer ‘ands.”

“Need a little persuadin’? This ‘ere is Betsey. She’s me favourite knife. She’ll ‘elp yer with that conscience of yours…”

“Oh, now that’s what I call a fat wallet, guv’nor. An’ I see there’s a nice gold weddin’ band on yer finger there. Sure, yer missus might be upset, but you know ‘ow it is…”

“Oh, not willin to ‘and over that oh-so-romantic symbol of yer ladylove, eh? Fancy yer chances wiv the Gentleman Bastard? Well, come and ‘ave a go, if you think yer ‘ard enough. C’mon, squire. Give it yer best shot…”

“Oh dear. Ain’t Betsey made a bloody mess of yer nice dress shirt? The Bastard always gets ‘is man, squire. Or, in this case, gets ‘is ring. I’ll be ‘avin’ that gold band, thankee… an’ now I bid ya the sweetest farewell. Sleep tight, guv’nor! Now might be a good time to yell for the Peelers… if yer got enough breath left in yer body, that is…”


Coat: Deadwool – Duster Coat (black) [ masa.plympton ]

Pants: Dragansvarg – Leather Pants Male (type 2 black) [ karigan.ducatillon ]

Shirt: Dragansvarg – Black Old Used Long Shirt [ karigan.ducatillon ]

Boots: DECO – Mesh Jumpboots (gravel) [ gutterblood.spoonhammer ]

Hat: Illusions – Black Brocade Top Hat [ siyu.suen ]
(from an old Mesh Around Hunt; may no longer be available)

Hair: Exile – Thunderstruck (raven) [ kavar.cleanslate ]

Skin: Belleza – Jacob Tan [ tricky.boucher ]
(Xmas 2013 gift)

Eyes: IKON – Ascension Eyes (leonine) [ ikon.innovia ]

Eyepatch: Bombard – Dagger Eyepatch [ mariyah.lefavre ]

Knife: BC322 – Switchblade Knife [ unknownsoldier.maximus ]
(no longer available)

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Male Hands (relax, cigarette) [ siddean.munro ]

Earring: SnowStylz – Skully Earring No. 1 [ chrom.snook ]
(marketplace only)

Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette [ hermanni.laville ]

Agapee [ argnit.igaly ]

momomuller [ momomura.zehetbauer ]

Niqotine [ niq.hax ]

And now, have a scene from a very underrated British gangster movie. This ain’t your cheeky chappie Lock, Stock  kind of gangster. This ‘ere is Gangster No. 1, with a brutally chilling turn from Paul Bettany as Young Gangster, Eddie Marsan as poor little Eddie, and a voiceover from Old Gangster: the inimitable Malcolm McDowell. Needless to say, this is NSFW:

You can watch the whole of Gangster No 1 here. (I will say that, once the flashbacks starring Bettany that are the main part of the movie are done, and we’re left with McDowell and an aged David Thewlis… the film does fall a bit flat. But don’t let that stop you from watching; it’s a great, but very violent movie.)

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