A simple Second Life “Thank you”

Shortly after Ebbe Altberg took the helm of Second Life back in 2014, Strawberry Linden (then Singh) issued one of her Monday Meme prompts. Alongside a fun ‘flat Ebbe’ cardboard cutout that we had to take a photo of somewhere, Strawberry asked meme participants to share at least three things we wanted to tell Ebbe.

This was the first of the three things that I wanted to say to him:

THANK YOU! I don’t think I’ve felt more positive about Second Life (as a jaded oldbie of seven years) than I have in the short time that you’ve been sitting in the hot seat. Every interview that I read just brings a huge grin to my face, because by god, you get it. You really do. So a heartfelt thank-you from me, for the communication, and for the behind-the-scenes stuff that those of us who’ve been here for years can sense, even if it’s not obvious to newer residents (because we remember what it was like, once, and what we have now is an ever-increasing improvement).

Rest in Peace, sir. You will be sorely missed.

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