Blessed are the posemakers

“What was that?”
“I dunno. I was too busy talking to Big Nose.”
“I think it was ‘blessed are the cheese-makers’.”
“What’s so special about the cheese-makers?”
“Well, obviously, it’s not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.”

Heh. You know me: if I can get a Monty Python reference into a blog post then I will. Today’s Monday Meme is all about the pose-makers; a sadly under-appreciated and under-blogged sector of the SL creative market. I always try to mention which poses I use (the only time I don’t is when I’ve literally used so many – sometimes I’ll take upwards of 50 photos for a post and whittle it down to half a dozen – that I can’t remember which ones I used).

Like many other bloggers and fashionista/o types, my poses folder is a sodding behemoth, containing thousands of the damn things. I could give you a list as long as the proverbial arm, but here are a few of my favourite pose-makers.

1. Momomuller

I discovered Momomuller (aka: 3M) during the first Make Him Over Hunt. It was one of the last stops I made, and boy was I glad I stuck the hunt out that far. She has some of the best mens’ poses in SL, and at very reasonable prices, too (L$40 a shot, if memory serves me well). I’ve been using her poses for absolutely years, and I still come back to them time and again. Her store builds are also amazing and inventive, and every time I go there she’s added something new or completely remodelled.

Momomuller creator: Momomura Zehetbauer

2. Agapee

Another one whose poses I use a lot, Agapee also includes a nifty little HUD that acts like a pose stand with all of their poses. Lots of variants of a single pose (different hand placements) and some really great hands-behind-head/hands-in-hair poses.

Agapee creator: Argnit Igaly

3. Diesel Works

I don’t have as many Diesel Works poses as others, but what I do have are really damn good. Again, great basic poses that cover a multitude of situations.

Diesel Works creator: Rogan Diesel

4. R.icielli

Maybe a surprise inclusion here, but around a year ago, R.icielli put a humungous¬† fatpack of their poses up for just L$99 on Marketplace, and I couldn’t resist it. Yes, many of them are for leggy female models, but a ton of them work for leggy blokes, too ;-) Pretty much every single pose they’d ever made (now back to full-price packs) was in that fatpack, and it’s a treasure trove of stuff.

R.icielli pose creator: Fleur Nicoletti

5. Grafica

Another recent addition for me. Great poses (mirror versions included, which is always a bonus; thank you to every pose-maker who does that) and a good selection of both ‘normal’ poses and the out-of-the-box stuff that I love.

Grafica creator: Alyx Aerallo

Lastly, because when have I ever not broken the rules of these memes, here’s a sixth!

6. Striking Poses

Purely because I couldn’t write this post without mentioning the very first pose-maker whose work I bought. The late Zelly Mornington was one of SL’s most generous early pose-makers, giving away regular dollarbie poses (which I and many others snapped up). I picked up a ton of her poses, from the standard ‘for the guys’ ones to the more out-there ones that worked for Skell (because he’s nothing if not adventurous when it comes to poses) like the one below, which is a Playboy cover pose.

And now, let me just list the pose-makers that are in my Poses folder. There are probably a lot more in my as-yet-to-be-filed folders, but these are just the organised ones. Ready? *deep breath*

Momomuller, 5ifth Order, Abranimations, Agapee, Alchemy Immortalis, ANA, Ana-Nations, Animations Rising, Animazoo, B&F Poseworx, Body Talk, C’est la Vie, CheerNo Motion, Cyanide, Dare, Del May, Don’t Freak Out!, Diesel Works, Discord, Elisa’s, Glitterati (and Glitterati Gay Poses), Grafica, ImpEle, Izumiya, Jonimation, Long Awkward Pose, LeLutka, Luth, Lyndzmatic, MADesigns, Maitreya, Meteorain, MiaMai, Muism, Niqotine, Nlimbo, Oberon’s Trick, oOo Studio, Outrider, PDA, Pididdle, Poise, Pulling Strings, R.icielli, Sociopath, Striking Poses, Sugar Mill, Sunflower, Torridwear, Urban Apes, Vista, Vmotional, Vposes, YuiYui.

Others that I just dug up include:

BehaviorBody, La Malvada Mujer, Petit Pont, Garden of Ku, Zeb & Sly, Ma Vie, Pose Maniacs, Purple Poses, NanTra, Zzang, The Muse Poses, Shey, !bang, Lark, and Rack. Plus some poses that I made for myself using Qavimator. And that’s not even counting the odds and sods of poses dotted here and there in my inventory. So yeah, something of a pose h0r, me ;-)

And now, a dash of colour in this monochromatic post, because a proper Gatsby-style suit deserves a proper Gatsby-style location shoot:


Suit & Shoes: Just Because – from the ‘Modern Gatsby’ collection (multiple colour options available) [ annie.melson ]

Hat: Couture Chapeau – Sleuth Fedora (white) [ chigadee.london ]

Cigar: Nikotin – Cuba Premium [ raph.dirval ]

Sunglasses: Urizaska – Vintage Glasses (silver) [ hays.uriza ]

Skin: Mr. Bloch – from ‘Notorious’ avatar [ thiagoo.bloch ]

Hair: Shag – My Command (heavily-edited to fit under hat) [ sebastien.aries ]

Aaaand, of course, here is your Python classic for the week!

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    1. Thank you! I loved this collection (check out the womenswear in it, btw; full of great vintage fashion of the era).

      I will just say that the first very long list is going to contain a lot of posemakers that are no longer on the grid. The second, slightly shorter list, contains posemakers that are probably still around, so best to start with the second list.

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